Caring Loving Animal Welfare Society

CLAWS is a family

Happily Homed

The Farm Yard

CLAWS adores our resident farm animals who greet us in the morning with wanting eyes for their daily treats. 

It fills our hearts to see that rehabilitation really does work with enough love and patience.

These animals were found in horrific states and some even formed part of court cases that stretched out for as long as 3 years. They form a vital part of education to school children and visitors. 

Our farm yard is a constant reminder that not only domestic animals are capable of showing humans love and affection.

Resident Pets

CLAWS has several permanent residents at our organisation. They all received loads of love and attention, kisses and hugs each and every day. They lift our spirits when we are down, and always do something that puts a smile on our face.

Meet some of our own rescue animals.

Strange Encounters

Claws does not only cater for domestic animals, but we are often called to rescue unusual animals. 

We normally try to release them as quickly as possible in a safe natural environment or to ensure that they are passed on to organisations specific in their care.